LinkedIn Tip of the Week: How to write your LinkedIn summary like an elevator pitch

June 12, 2017

Your professional summary is one of the most important parts of your LinkedIn profile. You need to be able to convey a convincing story within a very limited time frame. So why not treat your summary like the ultimate elevator pitch? We suggest you follow these four pointers to make your summary more exciting to both read and hear: 1) Get to the point quickly Just like when you meet someone in passing, you never now when their attention drifts, so make sure you use your time as efficiently as possible. Start out with "I closed three deals with major clients last month" rather than "I'm a really good salesman" - and don't save all the good points until the... Continue Reading →

LinkedIn Tip of the Week: How to be a great CEO on LinkedIn

April 07, 2017

C-level managers often neglect their LinkedIn profiles which is not only sending a bad signal to their employees but it may also constitute scores of missed opportunities. If you're in top management, you should take a minute to consider if you're using LinkedIn in the best possible way. These are our top tips for you: Be contactable but stay in control Consider the benefits of having your email address visible on your profile. However, if you're the CEO of a large organisation you may want the opportunity to filter who contacts you directly. One trick is to create an email alias (or even a separate or account) to use with your public profile. This address can be managed... Continue Reading →

LinkedIn Tip of the Week: 6 quick tips for creating great content for your LinkedIn company page

March 05, 2017

  You can easily find hundreds of articles online with tips for creating better LinkedIn content. But here, our experts at MSI have put their collective minds together and have come up with their six best tips for posting content on your LinkedIn company page. 1) Be consistent Post content on LinkedIn consistently, say, twice a week to keep your company or product present in the minds of your audience. 2) Harvest ideas within your organisation Consistency without quality is worthless, so make sure you maximise your possibilities of delivering content on a regular basis. For instance, you could set up a list on your company intranet and ask your colleagues to contribute with ideas or even full posts. 3)... Continue Reading →